Mountain Real Estate Company will feature a few quartershare properties to enhance our Sunday River offerings.    Enjoy all of the amenities of hotel living in this unique ownership program:

Sunday River Quarter share

Call us today regarding listings in the Jordan Grand and the Grand Summit.  We currently have a one-bedroom, Sleep 6 (336Q1) in the Grand Summit listed at $7,500 and a three-bedroom Penthouse in the Jordan Grand listed at $57,500 (pictures below).

Jordan 340-1_800x533 Jordan 340-2_800x533 Jordan 340-3_800x533 Jordan 340-4_800x533 Jordan 340-5_800x533 Jordan 340-6_800x538 Jordan 340-7_800x533 Jordan 340-8_800x533 Jordan 340-9_800x533 Jordan 340-10_800x533 Jordan 340-11_800x533 Jordan 340-12_800x533 Jordan 340-13_800x533 Jordan 340-14_800x533 Jordan 340-15_800x533 Jordan 340-16_400x600 Jordan 340-17_800x533 Jordan 340-18_800x533 Jordan 340-19_800x533 Jordan 340-20_800x533 Jordan 340-21_800x533 Jordan 340-22_800x533 Jordan 340-23_800x533 Jordan 340-24_800x533 Jordan 340-25_800x533 Jordan 340-26_800x533 Jordan 340-27_800x533 Jordan 340-28_800x533 Jordan 340-29_800x533 Jordan 340-30_800x533 Jordan 340-31_800x533 Jordan 340-32_800x533 Jordan 340-33_800x533 Jordan 340-34_800x533