The highest standard


Susan sets the highest standards for what constitutes an ideal broker. 1) She is a polished professional — genuine, personable and impressively knowledgeable about real estate and everything else that has to do with properties and homeownership. Her communications are consistently prompt and replies are thoughtful and thorough. Although she is extremely busy, she makes herself available with undistracted attention so you feel as if your search is the only thing she is working on at the time. 2) Susan has great intuition about people and their needs. Property searches are very individual and personal. She facilitates without pressure and without judgment. She truly wants you to find the perfect fit, so she provides just enough guidance and introduces new ideas that help new buyers make even better decisions and ultimately find what is perfect for them. 3) In my case, Susan was a sellers broker; however, she handled the situation with openness and fairness such that both seller and buyer were well represented. She was a perfect moderator. The purchasing process was efficient, accurate and any questions were addressed immediately. She does a great deal of work herself to minimize burden on the buyer and seller. 4) Susan is well-connected with surveyors, electricians, plumbers, inspectors, cleaners, locksmiths and everyone else who might be needed to get new homeowners settled in. She has been and continues to be a reliable and valuable resource for advice about being a homeowner in the area. The incredible thing about Susan is that she is always patient and willing to help with anything, any question, any task. She goes out of her way to make you feel this is not an imposition. She stands out as being top of her field!