Agency Update January 2014


Wow, had to pause to remember to put in 2014, as I am sure I will do many times this first month of the New Year.  By all accounts, including our’s, the start to the ski and ride and winter season in general has been highly successful.  Parking lots were full, roads and restaurants were busy and there seemed to me a lot of happy folks.

Here in our lovely office at the entrance to the South Ridge base area we enjoyed seeing many visitors, clients and friends old and new, and in general being part of the vibe and culture that makes Sunday River special.  I find when I am talking with new clients for the first time who may be property shopping at several resorts to determine if Sunday River is for them, that I in turn remind myself why it’s special here.  There are the tangibles—the pristine, largely unspoiled beauty of our surroundings, the great ski school for kids and adults and the nearly unlimited snowmaking capacity that can turn a negative weather event in to a still great on-hill experience in about a 24 period.  But there’s also the intangibles that are more to do with the aforementioned vibe.  It’s about the friendly, laid back people that make a child feel safe and secure and an adult feel this is where they belong.

It’s also one of the reasons I love what I do:  sharing my passion for this area and all that is has to offer, watching clients go from spending mainly winters here to learning what a gem of a place it is in summer as well, watching their children grow and watching them build priceless memories here.

This past month in my new space here has brought me profound harmony and provided me with an opportunity to focus on the parts of my job that I most enjoy.  It has been hard work but amazingly rewarding, which is exactly what other entrepreneurs told me how I would feel.

As the old adage goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.”