Agency Launch

If this is your first visit, welcome to the Mountain Real Estate Company website. Since we are a start-up agency, we hope that you visit often as we will continue to grow and expand our site with the ever-present mission of informing our clientele, or soon-to-be clientele.

Start-up because I recently took the plunge and decided to open my own business, leaving a secured position with Sunday River, with power house marketing, built-in customers, an excellent boss, a 401(k) and health insurance. And most important, the perk of a Gold season pass for my partner and me!

Arriving at this decision (which I liken to jumping off a cliff not knowing if the parachute will open) was not, quite frankly, easy. My father, Roger, has been with the same company since April 1964 (and yes, he is still working), so as much I would like to say entrepreneurship is in my blood, well, I can’t. But one thing I have learned in my life is to always go for new challenges if the spirit is getting restless, and worse, stagnant. And what I did learn from my father is that hard work, diligence, and a commitment to always doing the right thing will lead to success.

I started my career out of college as a newspaper reporter and over the years did development work at an adoption agency, was the Community Development Director for the Town of Sanford, and then the Director of Communications at Sunday River before finally entering real estate. Each one felt in a totally different direction then the one before, and each time, I never looked back with regret.

My decision to strike out on my own this time was largely fueled by a desire to do business my way (channeling Frank Sinatra here). It was also fueled by the support from my partner, Mike, who absolutely has the entrepreneurial blood and comes from family lineage of business owners. The icing on the cake was when Anthony agreed to join us. Mike is an experienced mortgage specialist who began in the business 15 years ago and has managed several of his own businesses on the side. Anthony owns RentBethel and cut his teeth in the business at one of the largest rental companies in town. He has eight years in the business. Besides extensive experience, the three of us share a commitment to genuine client service.

I will be writing occasional blogs on this site to let you know how it’s going. I have already spoken with a few clients who shared their story of making a very similar decision years ago, so for any others out there who also at some decided to strike out on their own, I would love to hear from you. Here’s to the next chapter!