Market Update November 29

Market Update November 29, 2013

Activity has continued to be strong in the region (Newry, Bethel, Hanover, Woodstock, Greenwood and Gilead) during the past three months.

There have been 47 sales of homes and condominiums in this market from August 29 2013 to November 29 2013.  Of these, 32 were single-family homes sales and the remaining 13 were condominiums, 12 of which were Sunday River slopeside condos.  The highest sale was a Tempest Ridge condominium that was listed at $635k.  Overall, there were four properties listed over $300k that sold in the past three months.

As is typical, higher-priced property sales are picking up; there are currently 10 Pending sales of homes and condominiums in the region and six out of the 10 are priced over $300k with the highest sale listed at $646,500.

Land sales have made a comeback in 2013, with many lots sold over the summer months.  There has been a resurgence of homes being built on speculation and sales of these homes have been steady.  There were 19 sales of land parcels in the past three months, with list prices ranging from $29,900 to $380k (the latter is a slopeside lot that is part of The Glades subdivision at Sunday River).   There are currently nine parcels under contract, with five of them in Newry and four of them in Bethel.

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