Reflecting on one year

IMG_5982It’s been nearly a year since we opened for business here at Mountain Real Estate Company. I took the big plunge in to sole entrepreneurship and can say with all sincerity that there has not been a moment of regret. Instead it’s been a year of many great moments and great rewards.

A month or so ago I received a recruitment email from the owner of a large and growing real estate company in Maine. He promised me many things and said he was here to “disrupt” the market in Maine.  He said smaller agencies will become a thing of the past. That’s too bad, because I have no intention of becoming large and am quite pleased with the success of my small little shop at Sunday River.

And I haven’t been able to get that jarring term “disrupt” out of my mind. It compelled me to reflect on how I go about selling real estate, how I interact with my clients. “Disruption” is the antithesis of what I want. My clients don’t need a real estate mogul and they don’t need an in-your-face approach to getting their needs met. They need a hard-working broker that is most concerned about servicing them with genuineness and integrity, which is the mantra on which I have built my business, starting nine years ago when I entered this profession and continuing when I opened my own agency a year ago.

It’s been a simple philosophy and it has served me well. I’ve climbed in a year to once again being one of the top producers in the county, no disruptiveness needed. I look forward to the year ahead, doing what I do and continuing to meet and service great people.

Stop by and see Michael, Anthony, Amanda and me during Fall Festival weekend to discuss real estate, seasonal or short-term rentals or financing, or just to say hello. The door will be open!