Season Ender

This weekend will mark the official end of the season of skiing and riding at Sunday River, and by all accounts it was another successful year for the resort.  Here at Mountain Real Estate Company we are pleased with our own success as we enter our 20th month of business.  Personally I have a whole new appreciation of all business owners, whether a small shop such as my own or one with hundreds of employees.  The sacrifices and hard work are all equal.  The growing pains are similar, the mistakes, the things done right, all of the things I had heard and read certainly were true but at the end of the day, the most important thing I knew is that continued hard work and a genuine commitment to clients would eventually pay off.  And it has.

I have received great feedback from my market updates so I am long over due.  We had a few technical difficulties with our web host in recent weeks, which precluded new posts….one of the uncontrollable that occurs in business along with the aforementioned growing pains.  Stay tuned as it will be coming soon, there’s lots to report.   The market has been strong and as in any good season, the momentum will continue even after the lifts stop spinning.

Happy Spring!