Winter is still here, but Red Sox magnets are in.

IMG_3845I just spent 24 hours in Portland, a mere 60 miles south of Newry, and couldn’t believe all of the grass!   There’s a line about five south of Woodstock where the snowbanks just begin to grow–and continue to grow–all the way to our driveway in The Colony at Sunday River.  In our neighborhood, the snow is piled high above our heads.  We watched with a bit of wonder and helplessness a few days ago as a young moose struggled through the snow in our yard to feed.   Earlier on my morning walk I had seen its tracks on the road throughout my mile-long jaunt with Anabel, my St. Berdoodle, who was clearly intrigued by the scent left behind.

Winter indeed still has its grip in Newry, but we know when the warmth comes, the snow will melt and we’ll be ready for the season ahead.  The arrival of Boston Red Sox calendar magnets, courtesy of People’s United Bank, is a reminder that it’s near.  If you’re coming up to watch what will surely be great action with the Dumont Cup, or to finish up the kids’ GACP season, or to just enjoy the copious snow,  stop in and grab a magnet, on us!