Year Two

DAD NUIt was just a little more than two years ago (October 15 to be exact) that I was full of anticipation about opening the doors to Mountain Real Estate Company. I was nervous as heck about leaving the security and familiarity of my longtime employer, Sunday River Resort, yet rightfully excited about the possibilities of becoming solely accountable for my success, or lack thereof.

So it’s fitting that this month I celebrated both this milestone work anniversary (eight out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months according to Forbes), and attended a surprise retirement party for my dad, who completed 51 years with his company.  He finished up just shy of his 81st birthday, which happens to be today.

Some might recall that in one of my first blogs I referenced my father as an inspiration. He is a man who dedicated himself to his work and became immensely respected in his field. The words put forth at the event by his employees–some retired, others who had until that Friday before were still learning under my father’s quiet leadership and wisdom—brought me, and him, to tears. It was a momentous occasion. I was, and am, an extremely proud daughter.

My own anniversary was less celebratory. It was another hectic day in the office working on transactions and other aspects of the business. Admittedly, there was even a little stress that day. No bubbly popped open. But on a less hectic Sunday with time to reflect, I am counting my blessings for the opportunity given to me to prove that I, too, could achieve success with the same hard work and dedication (and maybe a few rubs of a Buddha belly).

In the past couple of years vacations are something that I have seen only on the pages of my Facebook friends; I am not envious because I have found my own bliss and sense of fulfillment. And I have a newfound appreciation for all business owners, whether a small operation like mine or a Fortune 500 company. I now know what it takes. It’s been pretty much everything that I read it would be, and since my business is still relatively in its infancy, I know there will be more victories and more losses along the way that will make me stronger and more determined.

Thanks to all who have provided support and encouragement, and of course to our agency clients for contributing to our success. And thanks most of all to my dad for providing me the foundation for a successful work life and teaching me that nice guys can finish first. Happy Retirement and Happy Birthday Dad.