Tempest Ridge 8


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Another ski season is nearly complete.   Remarkably, I can see from my desk chair the White Heat trail looking like a mid-winter day with nary a speck of dirt, a strip of perfect corduroy gleaming in the morning light. Given that we are in the midpoint of April, it sums up the season at least regarding weather—a slow start but …


Choosing Sunday River

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By Tina Oddleifson Guest Blog Writer   Fifteen years ago, my husband Tony and I made the decision to buy a slope-side condominium at Sunday River Ski Resort — it turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made. One of the things we were hoping to find in a vacation area was an “adaptive” sports program …


Market Update, November 8, 2017

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The snow guns are firing signaling the start to what appears to be a great season ahead—quite a contrast to the last Market Update in April when the season had winded down and the trails were browning. This year has proven to be interesting and as is typical, I continued through the past several months to slice, dice and analyze …


Market Update, April 11, 2017

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I have always said that the real estate market is cyclical and since the 2009 downturn any typical patterns seem to have faded away. I have also put forth in several previous market updates that I spend a lot of time trying to analyze the trends every which way, as much for me to speak intelligently to my clients as …


Market Update February 10 2017

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The Pats won the Super Bowl in one of the most incredulous victories in NFL history.  The whole season, starting with the four-game suspension, was an amazing story, complete with storybook ending. What does New England’s team have to do with my Sunday River market update?  You’d be surprised. I am well in to my 11th year of selling real …


Market Update November 25, 2016

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It is fitting as I provide this Market Update that the resort is blanketed in freshly fallen snow and the long anticipated start to the 2016-2017 ski and ride season feels official.  Fitting because once the Farmer’s Almanac forecast for a snowy winter broke in late August, Buyers seemed to overnight become enthused and ready to find a home before …


Market Update May 9, 2016

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Wow.  There I was writing about how the lackluster winter was keeping the market at bay for certain segments, including single-family homes and upper end price ranges.  Within days after that post a true whirlwind of activity began, so here I am updating the market some two and a half months later and feeling a tad guilty that I didn’t …

Great Brook Winter -3

Market Update, February 28, 2016

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I have been selling real estate in the Sunday River region for nearly 11 years now and have consistently been a so-called “top producer”—an uncomfortable though sometimes necessary term for me when I want to add validity to my knowledge of the market.  And this season my experience comes in to play when talking with my clients (particularly my Sellers) …

First snowfall-2


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Last month I was ruminating about the unusually mild December and lack of snow but it seems in the blink of an eye winter arrived, fueled by midweek snowstorm during the holiday week and a return to colder temperatures.  It was the perfect opportunity for Sunday River to shine, opening terrain here there and everywhere and in between cranking out …

Merrill Brook Condominiums at Sunday River

Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. Please?

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It’s been a decade since I left my post as the Director of Communications for Sunday River, but a season doesn’t go by where I imagine what current successor in my former role might be dreaming up for messaging for the day. It usually happens on my morning walk as I look from my neighborhood to the slopes for signs …